Oxidized bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25 is a standard blown bitumen commonly used for various purposes in construction work. This type of bitumen is usually used as a basic raw material for covering steel pipes and all kinds of waterproofing.
Faragam oxidized bitumen is produced from penetrating bitumen which is blown in a controlled process by hot air to achieve the desired specifications. Faragam oxidized bitumen can be prepared in any standard grade

Characteristics of mixed bitumen

Mixed bitumen is also known as “85/25 bitumen”. This name was chosen based on the softening temperature of this bitumen at 85 degrees Celsius and its degree of penetration at ambient temperature, which is equal to 25 hundredths of a millimeter. This type of bitumen has features such as high adhesion and proper strength, which is used in various industries.
25-85 is a black solid substance that will gradually liquefy when the temperature rises. The main cases for using blown bitumen 25-85 are pipe coating, paint production, isogam, bathroom coating and building insulation.


Faragam Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 is available in:
New Steel Drums (185 or 200 Kg)
Melt-able and craft bag
Craft box
The Delivery can be done in all terms like: FOB, CFR and CIF for more information feel free to send us your inquiry.

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